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Welcome to EngRx Mechanical Engineering Corp.

EngRx was founded by professional engineers, Rick Gereluk and Pat Schryver in 2013 after collectively practicing corporately and privately for nearly 50 years. The new partnership was formed as a means to jointly advance specialized engineering technology under the umbrella of a collaborative working environment. Pat entered the partnership with a strong background in heavy equipment engineering as well as industrial services engineering and operations management. Rick practiced mostly as a plant engineer during day hours, while consulting after hours as a freelance mechanical engineer in the industrial services sector. It was the common experience in industrial services engineering that brought the partners together to create EngRx.

The name EngRx is synonymous for engineering remedy. In a few short years of operation, EngRx has gained market confidence in the specialized pressure equipment engineering field.

Founded and operated by a group of highly skilled engineers – our objective is to provide direct, hands on service to our clients.

In doing so, we created our company Values to ensure we always stay focused on what is important to us as a company and as the individuals that make up EngRx…

  • We value listening and understanding customer views and requirements.
  • We are an approachable technical group who openly discuss solutions in easily understood language.
  • We look at problems through our customer’s viewpoint in delivering real world engineering solutions.
  • We have built our reputation as a group who can provide uncommon levels of service and offers an emergency tier.
  • We value diversity among the group of individuals who deploy our advanced engineering tools.
  • Instead of embracing a corporate in structure, we prefer to execute in a collaborative team environment.
  • We foster honesty and trust among employees, suppliers and customers.

EngRx has brought a Team of unique individuals together with diverse personal and family lives to become the primary means of delivering to our customers.

  • The Team respects safety.
  • The Team seeks to thoroughly understand the problem from the customers view.
  • The Team services their customers at uncommon pace.
  • The Team provides real world cost effective solutions.
  • The team brainstorms openly.
  • The Team develops cross-stream thinking.
  • The Team deploys in a disciplined manner.
  • The Team has a variety of skills and competencies.
  • The Team has the power to act.
  • The Team is driven to improve.

EngRx Partners

Rick Gereluk, P. Eng

Founding Partner

Rick is a graduate Technologist and Professional Engineer (BSc. Mech.). He has a strong background in process manufacturing engineering and specialized industrial services equipment engineering. Of interest, in the process manufacturing engineering field, he has dedicated several years developing manufacturing technology related to continuous sucker rod which is deployed in oilfields around the world. After many years at Weatherford, he went on to become a founding shareholder in Moore Rod Inc., which was sold and now operates as Lifting Solutions Inc. With a keen interest in leveraging opportunities that he established in industrial services, the company EngRx was formed. As industrial services such as controlled bolting, leak sealing and hot tapping are becoming more technologically advanced, so are the requirements for innovative engineering. Coupling unusually keen customer service with real world engineering would be the recipe for success.

Pat Schryver, P. Eng

Founding Partner

Pat is also a graduate Mechanical Technologist (Dip. Mech. Tech.) and a Professional Engineer (BSc. Mech.), His strong practical background in mobile equipment includes a broad spectrum of trailers, trucks and industrial construction machinery. His career is built by balancing technical skills and operations management. Starting as a product designer gives invaluable technical insight for later leadership in technical and business management of those products. Always seeking to learn with new experiences, he joined CEDA to get exposure to pressure equipment design. Evolving to executive operations management gave experience in the oil and gas industries. EngRx creates the perfect vehicle to combine technical and operational experiences and channel them into a responsive engineering service company; focused on superior customer service with solid and innovative engineering solutions.

Robin Gereluk, P. Eng


Robin Gereluk is a graduate of the University of Wyoming, with a BSc in Petroleum Engineering (withHonors). His background is in the mechanical, process design and project and operational management of oil, gas, and refining facilities. He has executed projects in over 20 countries, on almost every continent. The engineering of unique and efficient solutions to the problems of the process industries has been his specialty and therefore many of the projects he has engineered and managed were unique or were extraordinarily challenging. Robin joined Bower Damberger Rolseth Engineering upon graduation in 1987 and has moved through serval positions, providing engineering services to customers throughout the world. He became a partner of EngRx in 2018.

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