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Valve Leaks:  Solutions and Designs

Valve leaks are unique and almost always consist of a custom design.

Valve leaks are quite common and can arise in many locations on or around the valve. The most common leakage paths are:

      • Valve Bonnet Seal Failure
      • Valve Packing Passing Fluid
      • Failed welds
      • Corroded pipe threads
      • Valve Body Thinning/Localized Thinned Area

Common sealing techniques and designs

The leak sealing techniques for valves are typically the same as those for other piping components. See our page Piping Leaks page for more information.

Active Stem Valve Enclosures

In some applications the valve must remain operational while sealing off the existing leak. EngRx designs multi-part enclosures called Auxiliary Stem Valve Enclosures (also known as Active Stem) which seal the leakage, and then couple with the existing valve stem allowing the valve to be operated. Precise measurements of the stem are required to design a compatible Auxiliary Stem. The active stem valve enclosure can be designed to accommodate both rising and non-rising stems.

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