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Engineering services for Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

EngRx is a leading engineering consultant of Transport Canada (TC) Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Cargo Tanks under CSA B620, and U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT) registration under Title 49 CFR Cargo Tanks. We provide efficient design services that are managed to meet deadlines.
Our engineers use latest methods of analysis including Finite Element Analysis, Calculations formatted to requirements of current editions of B620 and ASME Code, 3D Modeling and Drafting.
Existing equipment requiring “As-Builts” can be quickly reverse engineered using EngRx portable 3D laser scanner. By laser scanning, an accurate 3D CAD model is developed to exactly simulate existing equipment.
Our engineering services cover the complete technical scope related to Transportation of Dangerous Goods Equipment:

  • New Equipment Design and TC Registration
  • Equipment Revisions due to Code Amendments
  • CSA B620 Cargo Tanks (Tankers) TC 331, TC 338, TC 341, TC 406, TC 407, TC 412, TC 423
  • 49 SFR Cargo Tanks (Tankers) MC 331, MC 338, DOT 406, DOT 407, DOT 412
  • CSA B626 Portable Tanks TC44
  • Manufacturing Facility Registration CSA B620 for Fabrication, Assembly, Modification, Repair, inspection, test and re-test
  • Quality Manuals and Auditing
  • TCRN (Transport Canada Registration Number) Services
  • MDIN (Manufacturer’s Design Identification Number) Services
  • On-Site Training Services
  • Review of Equipment Specifications and Tenders
  • Tank Remount Consulting Services
  • Bumpers, Piping Systems Design and Drafting
  • Bottom / Front / Rear / Side Damage Protection Design and Drafting
  • Rollover Protection Design and Drafting
  • Tank Securement System Design and Drafting
  • Analysis of Existing Securement and Protective Structures for Compliance with CSA B620
  • Truck and Trailer Weight Distribution Calculations
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Emergency Services Available
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