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EngRx manufactures precision injection valves capable of withstanding extreme pressure ratings. Each valve is engineered for both performance and safety. EngRx On-Line Leak Repair Injectors feature low pass-by to ensure safe installation and operation. Fully engineered in compliance to ASME code, all EngRx injectors are manufactured under a registered pressure fitting quality program and are 100% inspected. Injectors are shipped with a Certificate of Conformance and are traceable back to material and manufacturing records.

EngRx Injection Valves have a current National CRN (Canadian Registration Number) which covers all provinces and territories in Canada.



EngRx On-Line Leak Repair Injectors include a wide variety of body types and are customized for most applications. Various materials, lengths, stem styles, inlet thread styles, nose thread styles and end plug styles simplify mounting.


Manufactured in both carbon and stainless steel, EngRx On-Line Leak Repair Injectors are designed to withstand some of the harshest environmental pressures and temperatures. Use the charts below to determine the pressure and temperature requirements for each injector.

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