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Pressure Equipment Engineering Services

Decades of Experience makes EngRx the perfect choice for all types of pressure equipment engineering.

EngRx specializes in engineering a wide range of process pressure equipment to a broad spectrum of Codes and Standards. Generally, process pressure equipment is considered to fall within; Boilers, Vessels, Piping and Fittings and is regulated in North America through the use of Codes such as ASME or CSA. A engineering safe design will meet the requirements of  each applicable code as stored energy consideration can pose a significant safety hazard. EngRx diligently applies appropriate methods such as deployment of software, employee training and conscientious review checking by a professional engineer.

In Canada the design of process pressure equipment is generally submitted to regulatory authorities for review and CRN (Canadian Registration Number). Once a CRN is received, any number of identical units can be manufactured and deployed. Although design methodologies tend to be standard within industry, it is the experience, competency and wide scope of knowledge that sets EngRx apart.

As well as new pressure equipment design, EngRx also conducts engineering associated with repair and alterations.  Post-construction repair and alteration engineering works towards returning pressure equipment to safe operating service with a factor of safety dictated by the design code. Several codes such as ASME PCC-2 act a reference resources for repair and alterations and may serve to augment of the design code.

EngRx would be pleased to discuss your pressure equipment engineering requirements with you.  We have extensive knowledge and would be pleased to discuss your projects.

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