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EngRx has been responsible for the Process Design Engineering and Project Management of a large number of projects.

Our responsibilities have included but are not limited to cost estimating, process engineering, mechanical design, purchasing, management of electrical design, procurement and full construction management and start up. At times we have also supported the facility owners in their planning, training, finance and risk management activities.

The Oil and Gas Projects for which we have been responsible for cover a range of processes and technologies.

These process and technologies can be summarized as follows:

Gas Processing Technology

  • Membrane removal of H2S and CO2
  • Amine removal of H2S and CO2
  • Propane Refrigeration
  • Light Oil Absorption
  • Fractionation
  • Critical Phase and Liquid Acid Gas Injection with Compression
  • Critical Phase and Liquid Acid Gas Injection through Pumping
  • Cryogenic (Mixed Refrigerant) Liquid Recovery
  • Liquid Fractionation
  • Molecular Sieve Water and Hydrocarbon Liquid Recovery
  • Silica Gel Water Recovery
  • Screw Compression
  • Reciprocating Compression
  • Propane Upgrading to HD5 Specifications


Oil Processing Technology

  • Heavy Oil Treating and Related Processes
  • Light Oil Treating and Related Processes


Other Processes

  • Refinery Crude Fractionation
  • Power Generation with various fuels including Sweet Natural Gas, Sour Natural Gas, Diesel and Asphalt
  • Topping Plant Type Distillation
  • Field Gathering Systems
  • Trunk Line Pipeline Transmission


We have provided the range of services described above for a number of major projects. These projects represent various types of oil and gas facilities in a number of countries including Canada, United States, Ecuador, Argentina, Trinidad, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, India, Sudan, Uzbekistan, China, Poland and Japan.

Project Management

Provided below is a list of significant or major projects that we have been involved in. Were the project location is not shown in the list below, it can be assumed that the work was located in Canada. Most of the Canadian project work was undertaken in remote northern locations with only seasonal access. Except where noted, we have provided the full range of engineering and management services described above for each of
these projects.

Steen River Gas Plant, Gulf Resources:
35 MMSCFD Sour Gas Plant with AcidGas Injection and liquid H2S pipeline.

Rainbow Lake Acid Gas Injection Husky Oil Operations:
Acid Gas Injection facility consisting of Compression, condensation, blending and pumping of a
liquid H2S/ CO2/ Propane Stream for miscible oil flood.

Wildboy, Penn West Exploration:
105 MMSCFD Gas Plant with Silica gel, 24,500 hp of compression and amine processing located in an extreme northern climate.

Zama 3 Gas Plant, Nova Gas Clearinghouse:
65 MMSCFD Sour Gas Plant, with Acid Gas Injection and 7000 hp of compression.

Caribou Gas Plant, Nova Gas Clearinghouse:
30 MMSCFD Sour Gas Plant with Acid Gas Injection, 7000 hp of compression and HD5 Propane production
located in extreme northern terrain.

Zama 2, Nova Gas Clearinghouse:
80 MMSCFD Sour Gas Plant with Acid Gas Injection and 4400 hp of compression.

Provost, Nova Gas Clearinghouse:
15 MMSCFD Sour Gas Plant with Acid Gas Injection and 700 hp of compression.

Stoddart Acid Gas, Dominion Exploration:
Liquid H2S pumping and Injection system for Experimental Miscible Oil Flood. Project was automated such that no operator presence or oversight was required at any time.

Kidan Sour Gas Plant, Conoco:
Mechanical Design for a 1.2 BCFD Sour Plant in Saudi Arabia

Surat Plant, Niko Resources:
Gas Plant, Oil Battery and related facilities in Surat, India

SW Gissar Pipeline, Uzpec, Uzbekistan:
Process and Mechanical Design only of 120 km of 20” Sour Gas Gathering in Southern Uzbekistan.

Shurtan Gas Plant, Uzpec, Uzbekistan:
Process and Mechanical Design only for a revamp of a Soviet built 2.3 BCFD Sour Plant in Southern Uzbekistan.

South Kizilbayrak, Uzpec:
Mechanical Design only 500 m3/day Oil Battery in Southern Uzbekistan.

Tarrapoa MPF Power Generation, Encana:
Addition of 15 kw of slow speed asphalt fueled power generation into an existing 160,000 bpd oil battery in
northern Ecuador. In addition to the installation of generators and drivers, the project included fuel conditioning, storage and blending systems to produce asphalt suitable for use as engine fuel.

ECN Oil Project, Petro Andina:
Grass roots facility including solution gas and fluid gatherings systems, field solution gas compressors (7), satellite pumping and metering facilities and a central oil processing and water injection facility. The entire system provided capacity for the production of 12,000 m^3 per day of heavy oil and 135,000 m^3/day of produced salt water. The project was located in central Argentina.

Chuandongbei Gas Project, Chevron:
Assisted with the commissioning and start-up of 3 dehydration facilities with acid gas injection in south central China. These facilities included compression and related equipment for the recovery and conservation of all produced vapors.

We have completed the process design and management of a series of Acid Gas Injection Projects. This work included the process engineering, mechanical engineering, procurement management, management of field construction and commissioning and start-up.

These projects can be summarized as follows:

Facility NameDesign Rate (t/day)Injection TechnologyInjection P (kPag)
Zama 28544Compression11,000
Zama 311459Compression11,000
Rainbow49113Compression and
Stoddart66154Compression and
Chuandongbei045Compression and
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