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Hot Tap & Line Fitting and Services Engineering

EngRx Corp. has extensive experience in both designing Hot Tap and Line Stop fittings and Applications engineering.

We offer design services for single applications, or complete catalogs to expand your company’s flexibility and scope in the market. Our designs can meet the requirements of various industrial codes as your application requires.

  • North American facility applications:  ASME B31.3 or ASME 31.1
  • Canadian Pipeline applications: CSA Z662
  • USA Pipeline applications: ASME B31.8 and ASME B31.4


Engineering analysis will include drawings and supporting calculations to appropriate codes. Material selection, NDE and MDMT are essential to most code requirements. Cooling rate is of primary consideration in designing an appropriate welding procedure specification (WPS). Heat affected zone (HAZ) ductility may be compromised when high cooling rates are coupled with high carbon equivalent materials. EngRx can assist in WPS qualification on live line welding procedures.

Canadian provincial jurisdiction requirements vary from province to province. EngRx will supply Hot Tap and Line Stop engineering that meet these requirements. Our services will include Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to justify branch openings that exceed 70% of the main pipe diameter. Some provincial boiler authorities will required either an FEA model or proof testing to obtain a CRN. We offer CRN assistance to process your fitting design requirements through all provincial boiler authority requirements.

For Canada based facilities operating under ASME B31.3 and B31.1, Hot Tap and Line Stop fittings will need to be manufactured under a provincial boiler safety authority approved quality control program. If the application is related to field pipelines operating under CSA Z662, fittings are to be manufactured under a self regulated quality control program. EngRx will assist in qualification of the manufacturing entity and quality processes to ensure the requirements of the CRN are met.

Hot Tap Fitting FEA
Hot Tap Fitting Analysis FEA

Design Features:

Standard designs meet ASME B31.3,  ASME B31.1 or CSA Z662 requirements

Reduced branch & Full Branch Fittings for use in hot tapping operations

Standard designs to Class 150, 300 & 600. Other classes also available.

Materials and NDE engineering

Designs with Canadian Registration Number,  CRN,  in appropriate provincial jurisdiction.

Hot Top Fitting Engineering

Hot Tap fittings are designed and engineered as either welded or forged branch style depending on job requirements and local manufacturing capability. We offer 24/7 design and engineering services for those emergency jobs that demands around the clock progress. After design data and field information is received, our Professional Engineers go to work designing and engineering according to your schedule.  We produce high quality Hot Tapping fitting fabrication design drawings complete with Code calculations.  Our designs ensure adequate design safety factors are adhered to including branch reinforcement and other related aspects. Our designs will utilize materials that are most common to source unless the job dictates otherwise.

Line Stop Fitting Engineering

Line stops are designed with plug and blind style closure flanges utilizing radial locking bolting. Plug seals are appropriately specified considering fluid, pressure and temperature and other criteria as necessary. The design is provided with the customer in control of manufacturing from a choice source. Professionally prepared detailed drawings and calculations will satisfy codes and owner specifications. In some cases, Finite Element Analysis will be used to justify components of special design where code formulas cannot be applied. Branch nozzle projections will be designed to your specific requirements include hot tapping machine considerations to ensure a safe and smooth operation.

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