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Rapid Response On-Line Leak Sealing Services Design and Consulting

As the foundation of EngRx, leak sealing really gets us excited!

Our engineering staff have over 50 years of collaborative experience in leak sealing, making us the industry leader in technology and design. Our extensive database of designs allows us to deliver engineered drawing packages quicker than the competition, which keeps your assets earning, and your plant operating safely.

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Leak sealing services we offer

  • Industry leading experience for Leak Sealing
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Overnight turnarounds
  • Pressure fitting repair and replacement consultations
  • Temporary Engineered leak containment devices (ELCD’s)
  • Permanent leak containment with weld on piping alterations
  • Field laser scanning of equipment
  • 3D modeling of existing equipment
  • CRN application and process management in all Canadian jurisdictions

What we are recognized for

  • On call engineering services. We are available when you need us.
  • Professional engineering to: ASME B31.3, ASME B31.1, SectionVIII Div 1, CSA Z662
  • Providing support throughout fabrication, commissioning and the entire life cycle of the equipment
  • We are the Canadian leaders of pressure fitting engineering
  • In depth knowledge of CRN requirements and processes

Protect our Environment

At EngRx, We recognize the importance of protecting our environment and are committed to providing expedited services to reduce the amount of potentially harmful and fugitive emissions released into the atmosphere. Our bolt on fittings are designed to be manufactured quickly, installed with ease, and designed to contain the leakage until the piping can be repaired permanently. For long term leak containment, contact us about our weld-on piping alterations.

Online Leak Sealing Examples

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