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EngRx Pipe Fitting Leaks Solutions

Pipe fittings are some of the most common leak points in piping systems.

Pipe fitting joints are most often welded or threaded and as such are susceptible to erosion, corrosion and human error in fabrication and assembly.

As flow patterns are disturbed by irregularities in geometry (i.e. pipe fittings) they become turbulent and more destructive in nature. In turbulent flow, vortices create fluid flow drag and increase localized friction leading to thinned metal wall. Combining erosion with corrosion, the metal loss rate will be amplified. Predictive maintenance programs that use Non Destructive Examination (NDE) practices such as x-ray may reveal thinning wall prior to a process leak developing. EngRx will use data from NDE when designing leak sealing enclosures to assure that proper coverage of both the leak point and the thin wall area has to been covered.

Human error in the fabrication process of joining pipe fittings will often be detected and rectified in a hydro-test or leak testing prior to placing the piping system in service. For those defects that pass through pre-service leak testing, they often pose a weak point after operating. Weld porosity, weld undercut, improper thread makeup are just a few of the defects that are susceptible to operation leaks. EngRx will assess the nature of the leak and design appropriate leak repair enclosure to address both immediate and future leak concerns.

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